Producer and CEO - Roberto Capua


Roberto Capua was born 47 years ago in Reggio Calabria, a small city in the deep south of Italy. In 1993, he graduated in Marketing and International Business at the University of San Francisco in California.

After two years working between San Francisco, Atlanta and New York, he decided to go back to Italy to follow the family business: production and distribution of Coca-Cola products for the south of Italy (SoCIB SpA).

At SoCIB, he worked as the commercial and marketing manager and developed new and different markets, managing more than 40.000 stores and 350 salesman and merchandisers.

When in 1999 his father passed away in a plane accident, he decided with his brother to expand the company, acquiring new territories, making SoCIB the 2nd most important bottling business in Italy. In 2009, after a very long and difficult negotiation, SoCIB was sold to the Coca-Cola Company.

A few years before selling SoCIB he founded and developed Action Brand (, a communication and marketing company focused on the organization of tailor made events for well-known brands. Action Brand is a high-level event production company operating around the world with a focus for details and high-quality solutions.

In 2012, he created DREAMAIR (, a New York based company with main purpose to create customized fragrances and scents. With a fragrance laboratory in New York, supervised by Christophe Laudamiel, a major nose in the industry, custom made fragrances are developed daily for clients’ lobbies, rooms, stores and houses based on the design, fabrics, colors and use of these spaces.

In 2015, he decided to move to London to start a new adventure with his dear friend Claudio Cicconetti. They opened Light Industry Motion Picture and started to produce and direct films.

Director - Claudio Cicconetti

Film director and screenwriter, born in Rome in November 1981, Claudio Cicconetti grew up between Italy and England. He studied at Roma Tre – at the DAMS University for Arts and Entertainment – and then carried on his passion for film directing in New York at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Returning to Italy, he worked for two years in advertising for the production department. He then decided to head back to Rome where he worked for three years at Micromegas (a communication and production company) as head of the production and post-production department, as well as director of various commercials and business-related films.

He was then appointed director of the documentary: "Concilio Vaticano II", produced and commissioned by the PCCS (Pontifical Council for Social Communications). Meanwhile he directed and co-produced some experimental TV series such as "The Divine Comedy " (pilot and teaser) and "Black Vatican" (teaser), commercials (Meridiana/ SSC Napoli) and music videos (EatMovie – Pietro Valsecchi).

In 2016, he wrote the screenplay for “MAGIC BOOK”. In 2017, he became a minority partner of the Light Industry Motion Pictures production company, directing his first feature film: "Malati di Sesso".

He is currently engaged in the development of his new feature film "Magic Book", that he will direct and that will be internationally co-produced by Roberto Capua (Light Industry and other production companies).