Malati di Sesso

Malati di sesso

(Sex Addicted)

Production for "Malati di Sesso" began in Rome last October and during the six weeks of filming the film was shot in some of the most evocative locations of the city such as Piazza di Pietra, Villa Borghese and Ponte Sant'Angelo, and then in Puglia, Valle D'Aosta, up to the wonderful summit of Mont Blanc, and ending in the French capital. The film, based on a script by Francesco Apolloni and Manuela Jael Procaccia, is a romantic-comedy that explores the universe of men-women relationships through the psychoses, obsessions, weaknesses and fears that make love that complex and vulnerable feeling no one can give up on.

"Malati di Sesso" produced by Roberto Capua for Light Industry and Action Brand, will arrive in theaters in 2018 and will be distributed by M2 Pictures.


Giacomo, a cynical Casanova, works as a comedy TV writer. Giovanna, a successful active coach, is beautiful, desirable, well-known and uses sex for self-affirmation. Behind these characters’ irrepressible sexual compulsion there is, however, a desperate need for love. Giacomo and Giovanna meet by accident and for a while they speak the "same language" and share the same "passions", until their unstoppable emotions take an unexpected path.

The film was produced by Light Industry and Action Brand.

Directed by Claudio Cicconetti

Produced in Rome, Puglia, Courmayeur, Mont Blanc and Paris.

Produced in 6 weeks



Released 2018

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